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[-7-] AgentHawk a posted 15 hours ago

Here is Scorpions newest Knife video. It features ASYLUM members and friends from various clans.


[-1-] Pharaoh_Sphinx Yep I remember the first one lol, great video Leaker, great knifing as usual Scorp.
[-3-] Wolf4882 Cant believe you guys let him knife you. That is so weak
Redneck Great Montage! Nice work, Scorpion! Love it!

Hear ye hear ye, Let it be said from this day forth, BlitzVeil has been hear by promoted to Level 6 Admin.


We welcome him to his new role and hope he is up to the challenge. Please congratulate him on the recent promotion.


Get er done.

[-1-] BFbern Congrats Blitz!!! You deserve it Dude!
[-1-] Pharaoh_Sphinx gratz mr. blitz
[-6-] RedOne40 Congrats on the promtion affiliate affiliate
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