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[-7-] AgentHawk a posted Oct 22, 14

Here is Scorpions newest Knife video. It features ASYLUM members and friends from various clans.


[-5-] Pharaoh_Sphinx Yep I remember the first one lol, great video Leaker, great knifing as usual Scorp.
[-3-] Wolf4882 Cant believe you guys let him knife you. That is so weak
[-1-] Redneck Great Montage! Nice work, Scorpion! Love it!

Hear ye hear ye, Let it be said from this day forth, BlitzVeil has been hear by promoted to Level 6 Admin.


We welcome him to his new role and hope he is up to the challenge. Please congratulate him on the recent promotion.


Get er done.

[-6-] windowwasher75 (Ed) Thanks for the good work Blitz! Congratulations!
[-1-] BFbern Congrats Blitz!!! You deserve it Dude!
[-5-] Pharaoh_Sphinx gratz mr. blitz affiliate affiliate